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Bucket Huts pattern designs.

designed in ug.

Fresh, elegant, and self-confident designs

I pride my self on top quality Art designs and want to get them to you as soon as possible. 

Over 10 years experience of my designing and painting on fashionable fabric Using organic color pigment, of course water proof. Here your can support by buying one of my latest hats Free shiping from Germany to all EU. regions

We ship by convinient Mail for all orders.worldwide


COVID-19 UPDATE - We are currently operating as normal, however if your order art late it is due to localised issues.  Please contact me. if you encouter further issues. 

In our shop you can suggest a color and size for all available designs, use the contact form for to order.


Must Have


A landscape format, typical view for the late night travellers across my City kampala.Upon viewing the paintings, the reaction for some lucky ones is usually one of surprise and intrigue but for most, it will be a reflective experience. Without a frame of reference, it is difficult to find the words that could encapsulate what these paintings are or the experience they provoke in the observer. Purchase my original art paintngs here (free shipping) to postal friendly regoins in rolled tubes.

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Above painting is titled "Boda at work",acrylics on canvas. Year.2018.  Size.71x90CM.  Price.$580