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About    Destreet

Ayub Kabati Mostly Kown as "Destreet" a multi-media Artist & designer born an artist in Uganda.


I pride myself on being a results oriented, hands-on individual after mastering the fine arts of painting and eco installation. My personal fine art style is in drawing, painting, screen/print making and product designing skills generally being figurative and naturalistic, but there is a distinct and recurring passion for non-objective African painting form


My working style emphasizes teamwork and quick adaptation to changing work environments however I have worked solo on my art career and expertise.


I am the founder of Destreet art foundation and national street gallery (NSG) Uganda an a Educative mural project uniting and gratifying Ugandan communities beyond boarders for both local and international artists on a voluntary basis.

Europe  Annual Traveling Exhibitions

A 2011 idea, Since then I have presently exhibited in over 25 cities and across 9 European countiries my series of Art paintings  9 consective annual traveling exhibition albums.


I am searching for exhibition spaces suited to art galleries, museum, a private residence or Art cafe , art centres or university exhibition halls to dispaly and encourage visitors to absorb the aesthetics of the exhibition at their own leisure  comfortably set, an approach that is particularly geared towards both those who are unfamiliar familiar with visual arts.


In addition the exhibition is accompanied by a lively practical 3 hours painting or design workshop to explore the association between artists' daily activities that inspire composing of specific exhibited artworks.


The 2020 Exhibition " master pieces of Enigmatic" had to be canceled due to Covid-19 pendemic but you can still buy the art here and it shall be shipped to adesired adress.

Destreet Art Foundation & Namaziiba

Destreet Art Foundation  is a Non Profitable and Non Political ​mobile art project uniting disadvantaged children and youth through  various forms of Arts. A fun and creative learning environment is formed through participation in sports and games.


An important and valued aspect of Destreet Art Foundation is the volunteers from all over the world who come to work with disadvantaged communities in Uganda. Their support for this movement allows us to experience various art forms and understand the global importance of art.  currently we partner with different NGOs in Kampala and Jinja, the team goes to communities to engage in outreach work.


Volunteers spend time in Uganda and help with making educative artistic murals with NSG, teaching English, conducting community research projects and assisting with artist residency program implementation and evaluation. 

Get involved Build Namaziiba village Arts Centre.


We can build a safe and secure Community arts centre, so that children and mothers can focus on their futures at a one stop knowledge and skills centre. Destreet and friends now work in remote and rural regions of Namaziiba Uganda where many people are surviving below the poverty line; meaning children are leaving school without the basic skills they need. Supporting us to build a Arts centre for the community shall make a difference. We take time to understand their unique needs and pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with the villages during our mobile arts exchange residency program.


The community cetre shall keep the children safe. Across the village children are not receiving the education, they are forced to study under trees. Without clean water and toilets they get ill. And girls are unable to deal with their dignity hence most are force to drop out of school with out any skills. Please buy my art from Gallery and shop or donate to give them skills  and safe centre for their future.