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Discover original  Art paintings  in  my online  Art  Gallery  collection

I am a contemporary artist working with both acrylic and oil. My art is mainly figurative with influences from my life in In Uganda and the long road trips across East Africa and Europe. I exhibit annually and my work can be spld to private collectors around the world.


With all my artistic ability, experience and inclination, this body of work began spontaneously one morning 0ver 12 years ago. Each painting was completed on the first attempt, yet they became progressively more detailed and complex. During  the exhibitions, I do offer explanation or opinion about the source or meaning of these paintings. In the second half of the exhibition the artist will arrange a lecture; presentation or screening of the exhibition production processBut what is new with my 2020 Enigmatic art paintings  is that they are more abstract and they allow the viewers to demonstrate their feelings towards each particular art piece.


My art can be purchase  here in shop by scrolling through or  click to enlarg photos and send a screen shot of desired piece direct to my email and we discuss more and also I could offer  art if needed in a specific size (dimensions)