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Feel the beauty of art.Precious enough inspired by nature here I am  to beautify your world .

Buy original art directly from talented independent artist and discover something new and exciting to bring your walls to life. My  collection of hand designed shirts and paintings  suits your individual style and profits from the sales are supporting the children arts centre Village project in Uganda.

Hand designed Bucket Hats
New Arrivals
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Artistically hand painted by Destreet, with  over 10 years experience of painted on recycled fabric,  Destreet moves his  street wear cool converse shoes painting  style to Buckets hats in 2017 for the promotion of his 2017 Unseen art exhibition , Now on demand 2022 He has produced few Bucket hats in Germany Using Recycled cotton media and each color is painted by use of hand brush strocks, so your would enjoy walking the streets with Unique abstraction art on your head.


Order now before it is all over by screen shorting your desired  one.

NOTE=. Each Hat is Unique , once sold  there won't be a chance of recovering it from the artist.

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